Extra large pizza 40 cm

For each pizza you can switch tomato base to cream (allergen 7)

We use real Italian flour (allergen 1)

Add any ingredient to each pizza

Current Offer

1. Margheritasugo, cheese, oregano (allergens 1,7)144 CZK
2. Francesugo, mozzarella, 2x camembert, cranberries, oregano (allergens 1,7)182 CZK
3.Spinacisugo, mozzarella, spinach, blue cheese, bacon, oregano (allergens 1,7) 183 CZK
4.Con Salamisugo, mozzarella, salami, smoked cheese, oregano  (allergens 1,7) 189 CZK
5.Quatro formagisugo, smoked cheese,mozzarella, blue cheese, camembert, olives, oregano  (allergens 1,7) 189 CZK
6.Dragonasugo, mozzarella, salami, tabasco, pepperoni, oregano  (allergens 1,7) 189 CZK
7.Napoletanasugo, mozzarella, ham, maize,oregano  (allergens 1,7) 182 CZK
8.Capriciosasugo, mozzarella, ham, mushrooms, oregano   (allergens 1,7) 179 CZK
9.Americanasugo, mozzarella, ham, bacon, salami, egg, tabasco, oregano  (allergens 1,3,7) 199 CZK
10.Hawaisugo, mozzarella, ham, ananas, oregano  (allergens 1,7) 183 CZK
11.Vegetarianasugo, mozzarella, maize, mushrooms, tomatoes, sweet pepper, parmesan, oregano (allergens 1,7) 199 CZK
12.Tiroliasugo, mozzarella, bacon, pepper goat horns, oregano  (allergens 1,7) 182 CZK
13.La Philsugo, mozzarella, ham, salami, mushrooms, olivy, bacon, cibule, oregano  (allergens 1,7) 208 CZK
14.Propriosugo, oregano + own selection of ingredients (price is 122 CZK + ingredients of your choice)  (allergens 1,7)  122 CZK
15.Carbonara cream, mozzarella, egg, ham, parmesan (allergens 1,7)192 CZK

We accept orders:

  • SUN – THU until 9:30 pm
  • FRI  –  SAT until 9:30 pm

Phone: (+420) 774 515 296

Optional ingredients

Brassed or herbaceous edgesfree of charge
Garlic dressing (allergens 1,3,7,9,13)15 CZK
Prosciutto47 CZK
Ham, bacon, salami  (allergen 1)  35 CZK
Chicken48 CZK
Camembert, cheese, smoked cheese (allergen 7)  34 CZK
Blue cheese, mozzarella, sun-dried tomatoes (allergen 7)39 CZK
Peppers, tomatoes, broccoli, baby carrots, corn, spinach, pineapple, fresh mushrooms, green olives, black olives, goat horns, peas, spinach, cream  (allergen 7)25 CZK
Onions, eggs, chili peppers  (allergen 3)  12 CZK
Box12 CZK
Alobal 8 CZK