Castle Uherčice

The castle of Uherčice is located about 20km from Vranov. Renaissance castle, which underwent Baroque and Classical renovations, stands on the site of a Gothic fortress from the late 15th century. Thanks to various architectural and artistic eras, which are inscribed in the history of the castle, Uherčice is now referred to as a “style textbook”. You can visit several historic gardens and the English & French park in the extensive grounds of the castle.

The castle is in the reconstruction since 1996, in the meantime it was in a very poor state, caused by the activities of state-owned farm and the army in the second half of the 20th century. However, improvements of the monument can be seen every year. The interiors are in various stages of reconstruction and restoration work. The castle of Uherčice offers in the present situation a unique opportunity to assess the level of devastation and insight into the process of extensive restoration of historical monument.