Novy Hradek ruin

Novy Hradek is a large castle ruin located 2.5 km away from village of Lukov. The first historically documented owners of Novy Hradek were premonstratensians from the monastery in Louka near Znojmo, who exchanged it in 1358 with the Moravian Margrave John Henry of Luxembourg. The castle was rebuilt in 15th century and in early 16th century came to its final size.

Novy Hradek was captured and plundered by the Swedish army in 1645. Then it was abandoned as a settlement and has been used for storage purposes since. A hunting lodge was built into it at the beginning of the 19th century.

The worst damage to the castle has been done during the communist era. The roof had been torn down and the walls partly demolished because the castle was considered as a possible refuge for the emigrants (due to close proximity to Austrian border). Novy Hradek is in the first, strictly protected, zone of National Park nowadays. It is accessible to the public (bikers or pedestrians).