Riegersburg castle

The baroque castle in Riegersburg is located on the site of former lake castle from 1580. It was rebuilt to a magnificent baroque building designed by architect F.A. Pilgram during the 18th century.

The original lake castle was rebuilt to one of the most important rural baroque palaces at the instigation of imperial prince Khevenhüller by architect Franz Anton Pilgram ( student of Baroque architect Lukas Hildebrandt). Riegersburg was also the seat of the Duke Siegmund Khevenhüller, provincial governor of Lower Austria and later Prince Johann Joseph Khevenhüller-Metsch, hofmeister of the Empress Maria Theresa. The castle became the venue for the Lower Austrian Provincial Exhibition in 1993.

The visitor can admire the interiors of ceremonial halls built in the styles of Baroque, Rococo and Classicism. Special attention certainly deserves the biggest private dog cemetery in Austria , located in the castle park.