Hardegg castle

In the heart of the Podyji National Park lies a picturesque town of Hardegg, which is the smallest town of Austria. The narrow valley, where the Fugnitz stream empties into the river Thaya, is dominated by extraordinary Hardegg castle. The archaeological research has shown that the castle hillock was inhabited since the 10th century. The first written record of the castle comes from 1145, along with a mention of certain Otto von Hardegg.

An interesting feature of the town is a parish church of St. Vitus from the 13th century. In the basement of the church is a crypt where several generations of the Lords of Hardegg are buried. There is a small memorial exhibition of Maximilian of Mexico as well. Tours of the castle are unguided.

The region around the town is extremely densely woven by various legends. You can experience them on a marked trail called The Sagas & The Myths (Märchen – Sagen – Mythen Radweg).

There is a beautiful view of the town of Hardegg from the Czech side of the valley (as shown on the pictures).