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CRUSSIS OLI Largo 8.6-S 20″ 2021 e-bike


Product code: 1009

Men’s mountain e-bike Crussis OLI Largo 8.6-S with aluminum frame size 20 “and wheels 29”. OLI SPORT center engine. Battery 17.5 Ah with a range of up to 150 km. Model series 2021.

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loan periodrental
1 day890 CZK
weekend (Friday from 12:00 – Monday to 12:00)2400 CZK
multi-day rentals are resolved individually560 CZK / day

More information

Refundable deposit for electric bike is 10000 CZK, rental is paid in advance..


child seat
second seat free of charge when renting all day 2 e-bikes

50 CZK
150 CZK